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A person can be charged in either Illinois courts, Federal courts, or both. Federal courts handle cases that allege someone violated United State federal law. As such, they are prosecuted in federal courts and pose harsher criminal penalties, including significant monetary fines and longer terms of imprisonment.

At the Law Offices of Joshua Kutnick, we are experienced in dealing with Chicago federal crimes and have accumulated the skills needed to litigate a complex federal case, from the investigation to indictment to trial. An experienced Chicago federal crimes attorney is important to hire if you are facing any federal charge, or even if you are being investigated by the federal government but haven’t yet been charged with a crime. Retaining an attorney as soon as possible is a critical step in protecting your rights, and our firm has experience in dealing with complex federal charges.

Beyond preparing for cases, conducting investigations and working tirelessly to craft strong and convincing defense plans, our firm aims to fight aggressively for each client during every step of their legal process. This means that from initial federal investigations to indictments and trials our team of bold legal advocates will remain firmly by your side while we fight for your rights and pursue a favorable case outcome.

Any Federal crime is a serious charge with serious consequences, and the longer you wait to hire a lawyer, the more difficult it will be to protect your rights and fight your case. Consult with Chicago defense attorney Joshua Kutnick as soon as possible to begin defending yourself against these serious accusations. We have represented numerous people accused of these kinds of cases over the years, often with very successful results. Contact us today at 312-441-0211 and schedule a consultation. Let us protect you and your rights.

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