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If you have been charged with a crime of any kind, you may feel hopeless because your criminal record can follow you, even if you were never charged or were found not guilty. This does not have to be the case; you may be able to request an expungement if you are eligible.

The state of Illinois allows for criminal cases to be expunged as long as the individual is not convicted of a crime. This means that your charges and trial can be wiped clean off your record, leaving no trace that you were ever charged with the crime in the first place.

Even if you have been convicted of a crime, you may be able to have your conviction sealed, thus preventing that conviction from showing up on your record. For those who have been convicted of a crime, but do not want it to appear on their record, they may be able to have the conviction sealed. The eligibility requirements for these offenses vary greatly depending on the crime.

Class 4 felonies for prostitution and certain Class 4 felony drug crimes may be sealed if it has been four years since the date of conviction and the person has not faced any further charges or convictions since then. Many other felonies and misdemeanor offenses are also sealable, while many are only eligible if a pardon is granted that specifically authorizes expungement. To learn more, consult with a Chicago criminal defense attorney right away.

Attempting to expunge or seal your record can be a complicated and very technical process. The longer you wait to hire a lawyer, the more difficult it will be to protect your rights. Consult with Chicago defense attorney Joshua Kutnick as soon as possible to begin the process of expunging and/or sealing your criminal record. We have represented numerous people accused of these kinds of cases over the years, often with very successful results. Contact us today at 312-441-0211 and schedule a consultation. Let us protect you and your rights.

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