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Appeal your Conviction – The fight’s not over

Even after a judge or jury finds you guilty, you can still fight for an appeal

Guilty” For many people, hearing this at the end of a criminal trial can be devastating and heartbreaking. You may even feel hopeless in that moment, knowing that you’ve been found guilty of a crime. But do you know that the end of your case or trial in the circuit court doesn’t have to be the end of your fight? You have an absolute right to appeal any finding or judgment of guilt against you, but the clock on that appeal begins ticking the moment you get sentenced on any charge. The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Joshua Kutnick are experienced criminal appeal attorneys who have had felony convictions reversed by the Illinois Appellate Court. Recently, our firm won an appeal which reversed a client’s Class X felony conviction. Upon reversal, we won the case at a suppression hearing. It is proof that “guilty” doesn’t have to be the end of your case or your fight against criminal charges. Our attorneys know how to fight and what to do, even if you’ve been found guilty and convicted. Perhaps you believe the judge made an error admitting improper evidence, or your trial attorney provided ineffective assistance in preparing your defense, or just that the evidence entered against you wasn’t enough to convict you beyond a reasonable doubt. No matter what the issues are, the attorneys at our offices understand them, know them intimately, and can fight to overturn your conviction in a formal appeal. We will sit down with you and discuss your options and your case, and give our professional opinion about your options on appeal. The most important thing to know with any criminal appeal is that you must comply with Illinois Supreme Court rules on when to file a Notice of Appeal and begin the process by which you can appeal your case. Contact our experienced criminal defense attorneys today – don’t wait – so that we can talk to you about appealing your criminal conviction.

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